Vector Watch v1.3.0 Release Notes

The new and improved Vector Watch app is now available for iOS and will shortly be available for Android as well starting with May 2016.

What's new: 

Ability to read longer messages on the watch (multi-page)

When receiving a notification that does not fit on the watch's screen, you will be able to scroll through it by simply pressing the the lower button on the watch.

Ability to easily dismiss all notifications at once

At the end of the notifications list you now have a way to dismiss all notifications at once. Simply cycle through the notifications until the end of the lis, then press the middle button to dismiss all.

Ability to dismiss all notifications from a specific app

When looking at a notification on the watch you now have the ability to dismiss all notifications coming from the app that sent that particular notification. Simply press and hold the lower button and a contextual menu will show up that will allow you to do that.

So for example if I received a notification from Facebook, holding the lower button on the watch will let you dismiss all notifications that came from Facebook.

Integration with Apple HealthKit / GoogleFit

You can now sync with Apple HealthKit / GoogleFit from your Activity tab from the Vector Watch app; in a matter of hours/days you can view activity data (such as steps) via VectorWatch as a tag 

Remote camera app (iOS only for now)

Use your watch as a remote shutter for your phone camera. Install the new camera app from the Vector Watch Store

New watch apps: Agenda, Calendar & Wunderlist

Get organized with our Agenda and Calendar app, and enjoy integration with Wunderlist, the ultimate to-do list app

New streams: Instagram, Watch battery & Personalized text

Check your Instagram posts reach, keep track of your battery consumption and personalize your watch with a custom message with out latest Streams

Activity data auto-restore

Keen on upgrading your smartphone but worried about losing your activity data? With the new Vector Watch app, activity data will be restored from the Vector Watch cloud even if you change your phone or reinstall the Vector Watch app

Improved activity goals

Enhanced correlation between goals, steps and calories counters (if you set a goal for steps for example, distance and calories will be automatically adjusted) 

New supported languages (RO, RU, TR)

We now support Romanian, Russian and Turkish for the Vector Watch app (support for notifications with cyrillic characters are work in progress)

Other various bugfixes and enchancements