Vector Watch v1.5.0 Release Notes

The new and improved Vector Watch app is now available for iOS and will shortly be available for Android as well starting with late June 2016.
Customizable Link Lost & Low Battery watch behavior
Under Settings / Watch, you can choose whether to receive a warning and/or display an icon on the watch to inform you if you're out of Bluetooth range or that you need to recharge your watch.
By enabling the "Link lost notification", when you leave your phone behind you watch will vibrate letting you know that your phone is no longer with you. 
Find my phone
Easily locate your phone by entering the watch settings menu (by holding the upper and middle button pressed simultaneously for 5 seconds) and select "Find my phone".
GPS Stream
Keep track of your current speed, pace and altitude from your phone's GPS module!
Please note that the GPS Steam impacts both the phone's and watch's battery life.
Completely reworked Stopwatch
A new and improved Stopwach app!
Please note that you have to uninstall the previous one before installing this one.
Various bugfixes and improvements