Vector Watch 1.1.5 release notes

The new and updated Vector apps, released in the 1.1.5 version, are available for the iOS and Android platforms starting with March 2016. The updated Windows Phone version will follow shortly after.

Support for new languages

The Vector Watch phone apps, as well as the watch user interface, now also support Spanish, French and German. The language setting of your phone is automatically inherited by the Vector Watch app.

Activity tracking improvements

We have improved our activity tracking algorithms resulting in a more accurate distance and calories results.

Support for recurring alarms (Watch only)

You can now set recurring and one-time alarms on your Vector Watch. Simply use the alarms app on the watch to set these up.

The phone user interfaces have not (yet) been updated, so recurrent alarms can only be set on the watch (for now).

Customize backlight intensity and time-out

You can now choose from three different backlight intensity values, as wall as the time-out value - from  2 to 30 seconds.

Please note that these settings will have a direct impact on the watch’s battery life.

This setting is available on the Vector Watch app on your phone under Settings / Watch.

Ability to disable the second hand on all watch faces

For those of you that want to extend your watch’s battery life even further, you now have the option to disable the second hand on the watch.

This setting is available on the Vector Watch app on your phone under Settings / Watch.

New watch faces and streams

We’ve added a new watch face - Serene - to the Vector app store. It’s one of the winning designs of the watch face competition that was held beginning of 2016. To find out more about the competition:

We have improved the weather stream, which now uses icons and shows daily predictions. Simply reinstall the weather stream to get the latest version.

We have added a sunrise/ sunset stream that shows the time of the next sunrise/ sunset in a given location.

Lastly, our new Time stream, lets you use the current hour, minute or second as a stream on any of our watch face.