Vector Watch 1.2.0 release notes

The new and updated Vector apps, released in the 1.2.0 version, are available for the iOS and Android platforms starting with April 2016. The updated Windows Phone version will follow shortly after.

Major in-app store upgrade

We have reworked the in-app store enabling a simpler navigation and search among watch faces, streams and applications. 

Add support for recurrent alarms

In the 1.1.5 version we have enabled support for recurrent alarms on the watch. With this update, you can now set recurrent alarms on the phone apps as well.

Receive notifications from any installed app (Android only)

In previous Android versions, the list of apps that were sending you notifications was static, and was not influenced by what you have installed on the phone. With this update, all the apps that are installed on your phone that send notifications will be visible under the vector app / settings / alerts screen, and you'll be able to individually turn them on and off.

Expired / outdated streams are grayed out on the watch

When a watch stream does not update for a long period of time (example: weather), it will be grayed out so that users understand that the value they are looking at is out of date. This usually happens when the phone is disconnected from the watch for a long period of time.