Using the Watch Music app on iOS

Starting with version 1.1.0, we have released a set of new apps for your Vector Watch, Music being one of them.

On iOS, the Music app will control the music that you have on your phone, just like a remote control for your phone's music. It works with Apple's Music app, and does not currently work with other apps like Spotify.

The main functions of the app are:

  • Displays the artists and the song name for the current track
  • Play / Pause the current song
  • Go to next / previous song in the current playlist
  • Increase / decrease volume

You can install the Music App on your watch by opening the Vector App on your phone, then going into the in-app store. You'll then find it in the Apps section, or by simply searching for "Music". Tap on the download button to install it on your watch.

Once installed, it will be the current app on your watch. Remember that you can navigate to and away using the watch's upper and lower buttons, or by scrolling through the apps on your your phone in the watch maker view.

On your watch you should see something like the picture bellow, and by pressing the middle button your will open the music app:

To exit the music app and go back to the cover view (the one with the headphones), simply press and hold the middle button.

Now let's look at the app functionalities, one by one:

Increasing / decreasing the volume

By simply pressing the upper and lower buttons on your watch, you will increase / decrease the volume on your phone. On your phone's screen, you should see the volume meter adjusting as you press the buttons.

Playing / pausing the current track

By pressing the middle button you will toggle playing or pausing the current track.

Skipping to the next pr previous track

This is a bit trickier. You'll need to press and hold the upper or lower buttons to skip the current song, and go to the next song in your playlist.

Existing the app

As mentioned above, to exit the app simply hold the middle button for about one second.

Of course, for the app to work properly you'll need to make sure that the watch is connected to your phone. When not connected, you will see a "link lost" message on all watch faces:

Other behaviors

If you don't have any songs on Apple's Music App on your phone, the watch music app on your watch will tell you that no music is present on your phone. 

If nothing is playing on your phone / there is no current played song, the watch will display the following message: "Ready to play your favorite music". When pressing the middle button the latest played playlist form your phone will open and play.

If you don't have any playlist defined on your phone, we will play all your songs from your Music app on your phone.

If you reached the end of a playlist that does not have "repeat" mode on, by pressing the "play" button on the watch it will start all over again.