How to get the Vector Watch work with BlackBerry 10 devices

Soon available! - for Bridge version or up and Vector Watch Android app version 1.1.5 or up

Vector smartwatch will work with all BlackBerry 10 devices running OS 10.2.1 and up, and while most important features will work, certain features might not work due to Android Runtime and BlackBerry limitations.

To get started, follow these steps:
1) Install the Vector Watch Android app (V1.1.5 and up) using Snap, Google Play or ‎an online APK downloader like Evozi.

2) Follow the instructions in the Vector Watch app and connect your Vector smartwatch with the app. You will have to create a Vector account during this process.

3) Once setup, download Bridge app from BlackBerry World:
Bridge is a freemium app from an independent developer (not affiliated with Vector company), you will be able to fully use Bridge during a 3 day free trial and you will need to buy an unlock code to continue using it after the trial period is over. Bridge unlock code can be purchased from within the app for 3,99$US.

4) Follow the instructions in Bridge app in order to install Bridge Droid companion app, which is included in Bridge app. Both Bridge and Bridge Droid are headless apps, meaning that after you've set it up, you can close the apps and they will continue to work in the background, you don't need to keep the apps opened.

5) Bridge experience can be leverage even more by downloading third-party applications that connects with Bridge. Most notable applications are : Blaq, Face10, PocketSafe, BlackBullet, PowerTools, Blackberry-france and United.

That's it, you're set, here's what you can expect to work (also includes features that will be ready for mid February 2016 initial launch):

- Call alerts with caller ID
- Email alerts
- SMS alerts
- Calendar alerts
- BBM alerts with sender information
- Twitter DM and mentions (Blaq app required)
- Facebook notifications (Face10 app required)
- Limited WhatsApp / LinkedIn alerts (PowerTools app required, will eventually be supported directly from Bridge)
- PushBullet alerts (BlackBullet app required)

This version also brings support for all Hub accounts‎ notifications. Vector users will be able to get notifications for :
- Facebook (by BlackBerry)
- Foursquare
- General Notification (notification bell icon)
- Google Talk
- Hg10
- iGrann
- inst10
- LinkedIn
- Messenger for Facebook
- Missed Calls‎
- PIN message
- Twitter (by BlackBerry)
- Twittly
- Voicemail
- WeChat
- WhatsApp
(only number of unread chat can be retrieved for those accounts)‎

Here is a short video that shows how to set-up the Vector Watch on a BlackBerry 10 phone (Passport): Video