Goals for steps, calories and distance traveled can be set from the Activity screen in the Vector Watch app on your phone. This shows real time progress for both steps taken and sleep. The actual values are being displayed in the center of each dial (e.g. 3210 steps). The numbers in smaller print below the real-time updated values are the goals that you can set. In order to have a clear view of your progress, when you use this feature for the first time, the app will require that you provide some basic information. You need to fill in your gender, date of birth, height and weight. In order to set a goal, just tap on the number and rotate the yellow line either left or right, to the desired amount. The goals for steps, distance and calories are all intercorrelated, in order to reflect the changes made. Please note that you can choose between metric and imperial in the Settings section of the Vector Watch app on your phone. Rotating the screen on your phone app will reveal your activity history. Use the activity history data to set goals. Tapping on any point of the activity curve reveals a specific value. The activity data is reset every day at midnight. You may find some recommendations about choosing your activity goals in this related article.