It’s important to note the difference between an app, a watch face and streams. You can find all of these in the Store within your Vector Watch app on your phone.


Watchfaces are typical watch faces and they can support streams like facebook, events or weather and each has a different design and supports a different amount of streams which can be added via the Vector Watch app on your phone.


In order to do that, you need to first download the respective watch face from the Store section on your Vector Watch app on your phone. Select the desired watch face by tapping on it, then tap on the download arrow. Select any downloaded watch face in the list and tap on the “x” mark to delete.


You can add streams to the selected watch face by going back to the Watchmaker section, selecting the desired watch face and then tapping on the center of the watch face. Tap and hold then drag streams such as calories, distance, events, etc., which are available at the bottom of the screen, on the desired watch face and they will be displayed on your watch. A slight vibration on your watch  confirms your choice.


Apps provide specific functionality, such alarms or music player, and they visually resemble watch faces. They don’t display streams.


Streams offer information, at a glance, on your watch faces. Choose between calories, distance, events, steps, date, stocks, timezone and weather.


The Settings section within the Vector Watch app on your phone allows you to change the date and time format, unit measurement, change profile information, manage notifications, set up morning face, auto sleep detection, auto discreet mode, flick to dismiss. show tentative meetings and to optimize the notifications experience.




To set up an alarm you need to first make sure you have Alarms app installed via Vector Store. You need to access the Vector Store on your Vector Watch app installed on your phone, then tap on the Apps tab, and then tap on the Alarms app.


Once the app is installed, go back to the main area of Vector Watch app on your phone, tap on the Alarms section, tap on add new then drag the yellow like on the dial clockwise or counterclockwise to select desired alarm time.Tap ok, then choose a name for the alarm, e.g. wake up. You can add up to four alarms and they will be displayed according to the remaining time until the will be set off. Slide the alarm in the list to the left or tap and hold to either delete or change the time.


You can also set up one alarm directly from your watch by cycling through the watch faces by pressing the top and bottom buttons until you reach the Alarms function. Press the middle button to access it. Select one of the five alarms to edit it and the top and bottom buttons to change the time. Confirm selection by pressing the middle button.


Please note that if you set up the alarm directly on your watch, it will not be displayed in the Vector Watch app on your phone.