Vector Watch Applications

Apps have specific functions such as alarms, timer, stopwatch, activity tracking and news feed. In order to have them on the watch, they need to be first downloaded from the Vector Watch app on your phone.




by Vector Watch

Control your music using Vector’s Music app. Play/pause the current song, turn the volume up or down and go to the next / previous songs in your playlist. The app works with the default music player on your phone.



Uber (coming soon)

by Vector Watch

Call an Uber and follow your trip status from your Vector Watch. Call an Uber from your current location, or select an address from your favorites.

Note: You’ll need an Uber account to use the app.



Sonos (coming soon)

by Vector Watch

Control your Sonos speakers from your watch. Similar to the Music app, with the ability to select which speaker to control.

Note: You’ll need your phone to be connected to the same WiFi network as the Sonos speakers you want to manage.




by Vector Watch

Manage your Evernote “To-Do” Lists from your watch. If you have Evernote notes that contain checklists, see them on your watch and directly check items on/off.




by Vector Watch

Control the temperature in your house from your wrist. Manage all your thermostats, see current temperature and update it as you wish.

Note: You’ll need to own a Nest thermostat to use this app.




by Vector Watch

Check your steps, calories, distance and sleep data against your goals at a glance. Press the middle watch button to see detailed activity information.

Note: To record Sleep data, you need to wear the watch while sleeping




by Vector Watch

Set up to 5 individual alarms on your watch that will go off as gentle vibrations.

Note: With v1.1.5 you can now set recurring alarms as well as one-off’s.



by Vector Watch



by Vector Watch





by Vector Watch

Shows top 3 news headlines from The Economist.





by Vector Watch

Shows top 3 news headlines from CNET.





by Vector Watch

Shows top 3 news headlines from BBC World News.





by Vector Watch

Shows top 3 news headlines from ESPN.