Weather stream not updating on iPhone?

There might be multiple reason why the weather stream is not updating to the latest data on your phone.

First - you should know that this particular stream updates once every hour. Here are a few reasons why this might not happen:


Make sure your phone has a working internet connection

The weather updates come to your phone that will then send them to your watch. If your phone is not connected to the internet, the weather updates will not reach it, therefore the weather stream on the watch will not update.

To check your internet connection, simply open your browser on your phone and go to any website or make a random search on google.

If using mobile data (3G or similar)

If using mobile data, you have to make sure that the Vector App on your phone has permissions to use your 3G connection:

On your phone, go to Settings / Mobile Data, scroll down to "Vector" and make sure that it is enabled.

Make sure that the app notifications are enabled

Weather updates are being sent as notifications to your watch, so those need to be enabled:

On your phone, go to Settings / Notifications, scroll down to "Vector" and make sure that notifications are enabled.

Are you running on  Low Power Mode?

Your iPhone has a "Low Power Mode" that can be enabled / disabled from Settings / Battery / Low Power Mode.

To make sure that weather updates go through, please ensure that the Low Power Mode is set to "Off".

Check background app refresh

Please check that background app refresh from you iPhone is on.

On your phone, go to Settings / General / Background app refresh and turn it ON as a global setting level.

In the list of apps, background app refresh should be turned ON for the Vector Watch App.

Make sure that the vector app is running on your phone

If you killed the Vector Watch app on your phone, please open it again. Once opened, make sure that it is connected to your phone (sliding through the watch faces in the watch maker should reflect on the watch). You can now close the app back, but don't forget that if you kill it, weather updates will not go through.

None of these helped?

Please e-mail us at and we can help further troubleshoot.