How can I update my watch over cable?

Chrome extension setup

Prepare your watch for update:

  • Hold the middle and down button for 3 seconds. Release the down button and keep holding the middle button until a menu appears.
  • Scroll up to Enable USB and press the middle button to enable it.
  • On the watch, “USB Enabled” should appear.

Prepare your desktop:

  • Download & install the Chrome plugin using the following link
  • Open the Vector app extension by going to chrome://apps/ then selecting the Vector app from the list
  • In the Vector app chrome plugin, connect your watch to your computer.
  • Login to your Vector Mobile App account

  • If everything is ok, the following message should appear.



Install driver

Windows 8, 8.1 and 10

  • Go to Control panel and in Device manager while having your watch connected and USB port enabled.
  • Scroll down to “Other devices”.
  • Right click on “Vector Watch” and select “Update driver software…”.

  • Select “Browse my computer for driver software”.

  • Select “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”.

  • Scroll down and select “Universal Serial Bus devices”.

  • Select “WinUsb Device” from the Manufacturer column and “WinUsb device” from the Model column and press next.

  • Press next and “Yes”.

The driver is now successfully installed.


You have to install the libusb kit.

  • Open Terminal application.
  • Type the following command and press enter.

brew install libusb-compat

If you don’t have bew installed, check this link


You have to install the libusb kit.