Using your watch

When wearing Vector Watch on your wrist, there are two basic ways of interaction: the three buttons, top, middle and bottom, as well as hand gestures.The top and bottom allow you to change the watch faces, while pressing the middle button opens applications. Press and hold the middle button to return.



Hand gestures, and specifically the typical movement you make when you check the time, allow you to check notifications. The watch will vibrate when you receive incoming calls, emails and messages, but you can change this option, or have the watch turn it off during meetings in the settings menu. Press the bottom button to scroll notifications, or the middle button to dismiss them.



Press the top and middle button at the same time to access the advanced menu that allows you to change the time and date, pair or unpair your watch to your phone, reboot or perform a factory reset. To exit the advanced menu, press and hold the middle button.



There are two situations when the backlight on your watch is turned on: when you receive a notification or when you press a button and ambient light is dim.