1. Make sure Vector Watch is charged. We recommend that you charge the watch before using it for the first time.


  1.  Download the Vector Watch app on your phone from Play Store/App Store/Windows Store which will enable you to customize and connect your watch to your phone.


  1. Once the app has finished installing, it will ask to connect the watch. You need to have Bluetooth enabled on your phone and visible to all devices.


  1. This is also the time when you will be required to sign up for a Vector account, so you need either Wi-Fi enabled or a working data plan.


  1. You’re all set. Browse the Vector Watch app on your phone for watch faces, turn watch vibration on or off, check activity as in steps, set up alarms and manage notifications and other options in the settings menu.


  1. Feel free to browse the store for watch faces, streams such as calories and distance which can be tracked and displayed on the watch, or apps like alarms, timer, stopwatch or news feeds.