My watch does not vibrate when receiving notifications

There are multiple reasons why your watch might not vibrate when receiving notifications. Sometimes this is the intended behavior, sometimes it’s a setting that needs changed.

Here are a few reasons why this might happen:

Watch vibrations might be set off

When you open the Vector Watch app on your mobile phone, in the upper right corner (iOS and Windows) or lower-left (Android) there is an icon that says “On” or “Off”. When tapped, it toggles and you get a message saying “Watch vibrations on/off”.

Please make sure that the icon says “On”. This means that your watch should vibrate when receiving notifications.

You might be in the middle of an event in your Calendar

There is a setting under the Vector Watch App / Settings / Contextual called “Auto Discrete mode”. When turned on, if you are in the middle of an event according to your phone’s calendar, the watch will not vibrate when receiving notifications.

This is done so that you are not distracted by random notifications while in a meeting.

You might not be wearing the watch

When you are not wearing the watch the vibrations turn off automatically after 15 minutes of inactivity. So for example if the watch stands on your desk on on a table, it will not vibrate.

Receiving notifications while sleeping

When the watch detects a sleep pattern (thus assuming that you are asleep), it will turn vibrations off. We do this so that when sleeping you are not going to be woken up by a random Facebook post or message.