How do I unpair my Vector Watch from my phone?

To unpair your watch from your phone, you have to forget it from your phone's Bluetooth menu, then unpair from your watch:

  1. Open your phone's settings menu, select Bluetooth then forget your device.
  2. (Android only) Open the Vector Watch app on your phone
  3. On your watch you will get an option to "Unpair from your phone".
  4. Press the upper button on the watch to unpair it from your phone
  5. On your phone, turn Bluetooth off then back on

Note: If step no. 3 & 4 did not properly work, you have to press the upper and middle watch buttons and hold for 5 seconds, in order to access the watch settings menu. Select the "Unpair" option and press the middle button. Then navigate to the "Back" option and press the watch middle button, in order to exit the watch settings menu.